Meeting Facilitation

Marj creates large or small planning processes that include a single meeting of a few people to large-group or multi-stakeholder strategies. She is a dynamic facilitator who creates safety and trust, transformation and group learning, powerful listening and speaking, and conflict resolution and consensus building. Deftly moving between room leader and servant, Marj helps to ensure all voices are heard and movement forward is achieved. Meetings are energized with her quick sense of humor.  She keeps meetings laser focused with her sharp intuition—calling out the undertow and pointing out the finish line.

Planning processes Marj has led include:

Marj is a trained Concept System® facilitator. Concept Systems is an online structured brainstorming, concept mapping, decision-making tool useful for large or small group processes.

“Thanks for your amazing facilitation of today’s conversation. I always admire your ability to summarize the salient points while moving us forward to the next step, but today’s performance had me completely impressed. How does she DO that?”

—Still clapping in Ithaca, Sandra Steingraber, PhD
Author and Distinguished Visting Scholar, Ithaca College