Category One Consulting 
C1C has a simple but focused purpose to help organizations maximize their effectiveness through evidence-based practices specializing in Needs Assessments, Program Evaluation, Strategic Planning, and Human Resources.


Yvonne Day-Rodriguez, Y.Day Designs
Y. Day Designs has produced effective web and print design solutions for non-profit organizations and small businesses since 1998.



Belma Gonzalez, B Coaching and Consulting
Belma provides coaching and nonprofit consulting services to individuals and organizations committed to social change, especially for people of color and others from underserved communities.



Lisa Korwin, Korwin Consulting
Lisa Korwin works collaboratively with nonprofit, philanthropic, and governmental organizations, strengthening their capacity to meet pressing community needs by conducting evaluations, needs assessments, and strategic planning efforts.



Judy MacLean, Writer and Editor
Judy MacLean has over 25 years experience writing and editing books, booklets, newsletters, fundraising mail, research reports, annual reports, brochures, and websites for nonprofit organizations


Thrive Ventures
Ms. Weiss, MBA, MS – is President of ThriveVentures, a consulting agency dedicated to working with nonprofits to strengthen organizational and programmatic sustainability. Services include Sector & Industry Research, Faciliation & Learning, and Program Development & Capacity Building.