• “My emblem is the plumbline, which is a tool plumbers use to find a ‘true’ direction from which to build. Whether participating in a training program, collaboration, meeting, or leadership development activity, I assist participants to find their true direction by bringing honesty, uncompromising candor, playful curiosity, embracement of failure, and always the excitement of exploration.”

    —Marj Plumb, DrPH, MNA

Training Programs

Marj develops and conducts innovative, experiential training programs that teach nonprofit, academic, and philanthropic participants how to impact the public policy process through advocacy, lobbying and collaborative research. Participants leave Marj’s training programs with increased knowledge, experience, and leadership skills.

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Meeting Facilitation

Marj creates large or small planning processes that include a single meeting of a few people to large-group or multi-stakeholder strategies. Marj is a dynamic facilitator who creates safety and trust, transformation and group learning, powerful listening and speaking, and conflict resolution and consensus building.  

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Leadership Development

Marj provides leadership development for boards and nonprofit staff managers to start, grow, restructure, or close their programs or organizations, address challenging internal dynamics including between staff and board, and leadership coaching.

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Policy Campaigns

Marj manages large collaborative policy change campaigns that ensure coordinated engagement of multiple stakeholders to impact public policy and achieve transformative change.

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