Co-Investigator, Partnership to Advance Breast Cancer Research

Marj co-lead a strategic planning process for the Partnership to Advance Breast Cancer Research, an effort to maximize the impact of the California Breast Cancer Research Program’s Special Research Initiatives over five years.  The goal of the planning process was to plan innovative research addressing the following questions:

  1. What are the most compelling strategies for research into eliminating environmental causes and exacerbations of breast cancer?
  2. What are the most promising research opportunities for eliminating the greater burden carried by groups of women who are more likely to get or die from this disease?
  3. What have been the impacts of research previously funded under the Special Research Initiatives?
  4. Where are the gaps and opportunities for high-impact research on population-level interventions on known or suspected breast cancer risk factors and protective measures?
  5. How can California resources best be used to advance progress in breast cancer prevention?

This planning process was built on the successful planning process Marj led to plan the first five years of the Special Research Initiatives.  Marj will be working closely with the Partnership to Advance Breast Cancer Research’s two principal investigators:

Marj convened and facilitated a steering committee of national experts in fields relevant to the Partnership’s projected research agenda, and also managed opportunities for a variety of stakeholders to give input.

“Marj is simply brilliant at moving forward large complex scientific planning processes with diverse groups of stakeholders.”

—Patrice Sutton, MPH
Research Scientist, Program on Reproductive Health and the Environment University of California San Francisco